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GSA Vendor Contract #GS07F0396K

Schedule 539 SIN Code 426-M

Accuracy-One has added a complete line of generic drug tests to our line of testing drug devices. Our "New" generic line includes 10 different single drug tests in cassette form, dip style testing devices from the 2-panel combination to the 10-panel device and our multi-line devices that test from the 4-panel to the 6 panel in cassette form. We also offer a NO-Step Collection Cup that is completely free of things to do. Just hand the client the cup and wait for the results. Along with the urine testers, Accuracy-One has added a very sensitive "Saliva" test that's fast, reliable, and cost effective.

These and other new user-friendly testing devices are available through the GSA Advantage Program. All devices are Now available.

Bogged down with mounts of paperwork?

Accuracy-One has solved your entire problem of drug testing and the paperwork that follows. Our program is called Tracker "1". This copy righted program is a system that eliminates the stress and many extra hours that goes along with drug testing. Now, just scan a client ID card (provided with the program), and the computer does the rest. It stores and accrues each time a client comes in for testing. Some of the features of our program include:

An Accounting Program, Individual Client Reports, Daily Reports, Reports by Date, and Summary Reports. In this program you'll have security knowing that the person who is testing is the correct person, you'll know if the client is currently active or inactive, you'll be able to see on a monthly basis how many tests the client has left to complete, you'll have attendance lists to see who's coming on what day for Random testing. All this and more in one easy to use package that is cost effective and user-friendly.

Each report breaks down the number of positives, negatives, labs, walk-off's, and no-test for low specific gravity. Everything at a touch of a button.

Instruction on the system comes with our program as well as installation. Everything is fully guaranteed to work.

The hardest thing you have to do is call us for more information